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What MaxToMYOB does



Check out this video for a visual overview.
  • MaxToMYOB allows you to use the powerful searching and communication functions of Maximizer to access the valuable sales and financial data stored in MYOB.
  • From Maximizer, you view Live MYOB data such as Credit status, Item Sales history and Invoice Sales history. You can even drill down into a MYOB invoice. All this without the need to have MYOB running.
  • Maximizer custom columns allow you sort and compare Sales Year To Date amounts with previous years. This makes it very easy to identify who your most valuable clients are and which clients need some work.
  • If a Prospect in Maximizer turns into a customer, you can add them straight into MYOB with the click of a button without the need to re-key information.
MYOB AccountRight

Key Benefits

  • Save time creating MYOB cards with the click of a button.
  • View your clients MYOB sales history from Maximizer without opening MYOB and without using a MYOB.
  • Quickly find MYOB records that have purchased goods and services and list them in Maximizer so you can include them in sales and marketing activities.
  • Import critical Sales and Balance information from MYOB cards directly into Maximizer so it can accessed anywhere, at anytime, without the need to even have MYOB installed.


Only $96 per user per year, plus GST, plus and hour implementation time.


  • Any version of Maximizer from v11 upwards.
  • MYOB AccountRight Live (ARL) or AccountRight Classic (ARC).


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