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In the Beginning:

CRMcentral is a merge of two CRM solutions companies: RapidCRM and DATAplan Systems. Chris Dauth has been a Maximizer Business Partners for over 15 years, and in other businesses before that time.

Having a passion for helping business owners and managers create seamless, integrated systems, the combined entity of CRMcentral can only but improve the service and support to our customers over what was offered previously.

The Growing Years:

Well, like most businesses, we still see ourselves as in "The Growing Years".

Currently, we have a physical presence in Australia and New Zealand. Given our ability to provide remote support and to create unique integrated systems, we now have customers as far afield as South Africa and the USA. More and more business is coming from off shore, and we are set up to be able to easily give support to customers from anywhere in the world.

Where we're going:

In the future, the focus will increasingly be on web applications. The catelog of our customised products will progressively become web-only, to match the offerings of Maximizer CRM, Zoho CRM and Microsoft CRM.

Australia: Key Staff

personel bio pic (Chris Dauth - Director - Development and Support):

Chris's passion is to make the things that automate and streamline your processes. Skilled with CRM, SQL Server, .Net and aspx (among other things) Chris has made web and desktop applications ranging from collecting inspection data for cleaning companies to automatically updating CRM from a web enquiry page.


New Zealand: Key Staff

personel bio pic (Ross Berman - Technical and Support):

Ross is the expert when it comes to computer networks and infrastructure. Based in Auckland, Ross supports our IT needs in Australia!
Ross's CRM expertise originally came from working with LANworx (Wellington) and has developed a loyal following of CRM clients

personel bio pic (Malcolm Rice - Technical and Support):

Malcolm is a qualified Microsoft network specialist. Based in Palmerston North, Malcolm covers those customers in Wellington and the South Island.

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