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General CRM Blogs

Outbound Marketing Sucks!
10 Apr 2014

Do you hate it when telemarketers call out of the blue and try to sell you something you don't want? Well, so do the people you cold call. There is the old-fashioned way, and the new way.

The old-fashioned way:
If you really want to get prospective customers off side, keep doing the following:

  • Using telemarketing lists, and calling people.
  • Spamming people with unwanted email.
  • Walking in to stores and hawking.

The modern way:
If you want to have leads that want to engage with you, try the following:

  • Using blogs, on your web site, like this one.
  • Use a web connector, like Hubspot, to link your web browsing with your CRM.
  • Give us a call and get a comprehensive video re inbound marketing.

Here's a taste about Inbound Marketing. This happens be a Maximizer one ... but there is one for Dynamics and Zoho, too.

CRM Implementation Failures
1 Apr 2014

No matter what CRM vendor you use, there is a significant risk of the implementation failing. Why? Usually because there is a lack of buy in by the users, so the CRM becomes a glorified (and expensive!) address book.

Sounds like your company?

The answer is to get the prospective users involved right at the beginning, ensure a champion has been appointed (this probably shouldn't be the boss, as they are always notoriously "too busy" to do CRM stuff), and have your CRM integrated into your business as "the way things are done around here". Integration can mean anything from links to your Accounting systems, to Event Management, to quoting and order processing ... your CRM must be a net reducer of effort and have payback for all users. Managers should get instantaneous reports and a live snapshot about the health of their business.

CRM Version Comparison
12 Apr 2014

Watch this space for an up-coming overview between Zoho, Maximizer and Dynamics 2013.

Research has shown that businesses considering a CRM end up "satisficing" ... ie. getting so overwhelmed by the Pros and Cons, Features and Benefits, simplicity and complexity of the different offerings that they end up picking the first one that looks like it might do the job. Well, this comparison won't cover every CRM, but it will cover some aspects of the ones we do.

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Maximizer Blogs

Maximizer - MYOB integration ... MaxToMYOB
4 Jul 2014MYOB AccountRight

Frustrated over the lack of CRM functionality in MYOB?

Well, your frustrations are over!


CRMcentral have developed and integration tool called MaxToMYOB,, that works with both MYOB AccountRight Classic (ARC) and AccountRight Live (ARL), the latest version of MYOB.
It also works with both Maximizer Desktop and Maximizer Web.

Here's some of the key points:

  • MaxToMYOB links MYOB with Maximizer’s award winning CRM system. An easy to use interface provides direct access to live MYOB data without the need to have MYOB running.
  • Your Sales staff have real time access to live Invoice and Item transactions so they can create an accurate profile of their customers and identify opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell.
  • The Item Sales Analysis tool helps your Marketing Department identify customers that have purchased specific products in a specific time frame. They can then use Maximizer’s powerful Marketing Campaign system to target specific clients and increase the effectiveness of their marketing activities.
  • Your Accounts Department only has to enter client information once because MYOB cards and Maximizer records are linked. If a prospect is captured through Maximizer’s web forms, they may never have to enter data at all.

Concerned over the support you are getting from Maximizer?
12 Apr 2014

You're not the only one!

Maximizer's commitment in supporting its customers in need has often been in questioned. However, Maximizer Business Partners (like us) have consistently provided excellent support and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to fill the gap. Nothing has changed in this respect, over the years, but often customers are simply not aware.

Need help? Then call us or click on the link at the top of this page and send us your details.

Maximizer 12 Summer 2013 - What's new?
Jul 2013

  • User-defined fields, based on rules. For example, you can make a field mandatory for Customers, but not Suppliers. No need for a "N/A" option.
  • URL user-defined fields.
  • Prompt for values saved searches
  • ... and  a host more. Click here for details.
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Microsoft Dynamics Blogs

Dynamics CRM 2013 Navigation
Mar 2014

Yet another completely new method for navigating a Micorosoft product!

BUT, there's some good reason for it ... making the best use of wide screens, allowing all things like Opportunities, Cases, Bing maps, Primary Contacts and Workflow processes to all fit on one screen. A full view of all activity with a Contact or Account is coming closer to a reality.

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Zoho Blogs

Free app for your iPhone or Android device
Feb 2014

Whether you have the free version of Zoho CRM, or the Enterprise version, a freen app is available for download to your phone or tablet. Functionality differs between versions (your can not add or update for anything less than the Professional version - still only USD20 per month ), but it's still a great option. 
And the best thing? ... it is synchronised! ... which means you don't have to have internet connection to see your records, even when you're out in the bush (or a dead spot in Sydney!).

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