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An easy to use, web-based solution to help cleaning franchises and owners to grow their business and streamline their practices.
CRMcentral has worked for many years developing CRM tools specifically for Cleaning Companies and Franchises.

What problems are solved?

  • Missed customer enquiries
  • Communications with Franchisees are not recorded ... accountability is difficult to assign
  • Web enquiries are not automatically added to a follow-up system, and are sometimes missed
  • Performance reporting is manual, and difficult to product ...
  • Communications are mainly by phone (not recorded), with email and SMS seldom used
  • Customer audits are recorded manually (if at all) and history is not kept

Centralised Information

Use Maximizer Web Access to ensure your customer information is up-to-date, live, and secure.
Use web-enabled phones, tablets or desktops.

Barriers to Improvement

And what are the barriers?

  1. Lack of Time Implement - “I would love to move to a cloud solution but don’t have the time to get this done.”
  2. Limited technical expertise – “We run a small firm and need to get by with the tools we have. I wouldn’t know how to switch.”
  3. Potential of a high upfront cost – “A new CRM would be great but the cost of moving always keeps us where we are. I would move if it was cheaper.”
  4. No clear ROI – “I always hear about how CRM is going to save me time but this isn’t enough for me…what else should I expect to improve?”
  5. Fear of the unknown – “Looks like a great tool but I don’t want to mess with what we are doing now.”

Many of these common barriers are probably eerily familiar to many business owners and managers. Although these barriers are common, they are not insurmountable by any means.

This is where we come in. We can help you with the whole thing, from implementation to transitioning staff to using new methods. Click on the link or call us to find out more. General Enquiry

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