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Maximizer Implementation Plans

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Share information among staff

Speed up processes and reduce order cycle times

Have access to data ... any time, anywhere

Improve effectiveness of your professional staff

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Why sign up for a Maximizer-CRMcentral implementation plan?

Get the best out of your Maximizer CRM Web Access by getting an expert to assist you and your colleagues in learning your way around Maximizer. After signing up for one of CRMcentral's Maximizer Implementation Plans, we take on the responsibility of planning and managing the process of getting your company up to speed with Maximizer CRM. This includes determining which add-ons and integrations are necessary, converting data from your old system into Maximizer, training, support and customisations (within the limits of the chosen plan). We support data conversions from most other CRMs, Outlook and Excel spreadsheets (some limitations exist).

Enjoy your new CRM investment to the fullest by getting fixed price expert help along the way from CRMcentral.

1 to 5 Users 6 to 10 Users 11 to 15 Users 16 to 20 Users
for 1 year with
approved financing
for 1 year with
approved financing
for 1 year with
approved financing
for 1 year with
approved financing
Plan & Manage project with you
Web integration with Outlook and Word
Import Companies & Contacts  
Import opportunities    
Import notes, tasks, documents.      
Training: Level 1
Training: Level 2  
Training: Administrators, Campaigns, Customer Service    
Support tickets 5 10 15 20
Customisation: Key Fields, Colour Coding, User-defined Fields, Column Views, Searches, Action Plans, Dashboards (limits apply)  
Automation: Opportunities, Customer Service, Marketing Campaigns    
Territories: Territory Management, Quotas      

These plans exclude server ($299 plus GST) installation and configuration , if Maximizer is on-premise or hosted. If Maximizer Desktop (rather than web access) is required, desktop installation is $79 plus GST per computer.

Add-hoc Implementation

There are two options regarding Maximizer Cloud:

  1. Maximizer Live, hosted by Maximizer. Implementation is handled entirely by Maximizer.
  2. Maximizer Cloud, hosted by CRMcentral, in Australia. Base costs are:
    • Data importation
      • $149 for 1st csv file
      • $49 for any subsequents csv files
    • SQL database restore: $149
    • Other support: hourly rate at $160.

All rates are excluding GST.

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