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Maximizer Training

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When customised, fully-integrated systems are designed and implemented, the training and training manuals must also be customised. Part of the training would always include the standard "how to" training of the out-of-the-box tools that have been provided.

CRM training is outlined as follows:

Level One Training


This course is designed to provide the user with the fundamentals of using CRM in a day to day environment.


Users who need to know how to effectively create, find and modify records and log a history of the communication process.


4 Hours based on 4-6 participants.


Familiarity with Windows environment.

Module Title Description
1 Introduction to CRM Logging in. Understanding the features, functions, screens and flexibility of CRM.
2 Working with Records Understanding the different types of records and how to add, find and edit records.
Manage addresses
Print labels
Change the way data is viewed.
3 User Defined Fields Understanding the different types of fields and how they can be used.
Update and modify fields.
4 Searching for Groups of Records Simple Searching, searching for names, companies, phone numbers.
Using Widcards.
Using Multi criteria and User Defined Fields.
Catalog searches.
5 The Notes Section Enter manual notes and identify note items which are logged automatically. Searching for notes. Searching for a string of text in the Notes window. View notes for a particular entry. Printing a Note report.
6 Basic Time Management Create and manage Tasks.
7 Email Send and receive email from the CRM Address Book.

Level Two Training


Advanced CRM functionality


Power Users who need to manipulate data and communicate with clients and prospects using personalized marketing.


4 Hours based on 4-6 participants.


Maximizer Level One.

Module Title Description
1 Advanced User Defined Fields Manage Folders.
Create, modify and protect User Defined Fields.
2 Advanced Searching Search using multiple criteria.
Catalogue searches
3 Working with Records Select records, create lists, advanced record segregation.
4 Microsoft Word Integration Understanding the concepts of interfacing CRM with Microsoft Word, linking and inserting field codes.
Creating customised Templates in Microsoft Word.
Create personalised Mail Merges.
5 Personalized Emails Create and email personalised emails to records or groups of records.
6 Managing the CRM Interface Setup, modify and delete customised views for the address book window.
Manage the Maximizer Toolbar.
Creating Macros
7 Advanced Time Management Creating and rescheduling appointments in the calendar.
Creating recurring appointments in the calendar and scheduling group appointments.
View the Peg Board.
Identify and utilise the components of the Hotlist, prioritise and sort Maximizer Hotlist tasks, view all activities for a company or contact and add a Hotlist task for another Maximizer user.
8 Charting an Address Book and using OLE Chart the address book and graphically represent particular components of the database. Using Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) within Maximizer to store picture files, sound, spreadsheets and word processing documents.


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