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An easy to use, powerful solution to help investment advisors manage client relations, build book of business value and streamline their practice.
The only simple to use, highly secure and easily customized solution for wealth management professionals.

Building Book Value

Review the 7 Steps to building book value.

And what are the barriers?

This is where we come in. We can help you with the whole thing, from implementation to transitioning staff to using new methods. Click on the link or call us to find out more. General Enquiry

What are the Benefits?

The real benefits of using an integrated CRM.

Product Brochure

Because a template is used, hours are saved in configuring standard Maximizer to make it suitable for Wealth Management advisors.

Click on the video link to get a 2-minute overview of the Wealth Managment template.

Click here to view the full product brochure.

Case Study

See how a real-life Wealth Manager, Gleeson, has used Maximizer CRM.

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